Never lose another pitch
Wednesday 24th April 2019

9.30am – 1pm

A half day workshop for those who need to build compelling presentations for use inside or outside the business.

This is a unique proposition, as unlike other training courses, there are two trainers, not one. Both Andys have vast experience in the toughest of content markets, think on their feet and are highly skilled at engaging with delegates from all levels.

The seven modules are all focused on just one goal – how to frame the story, focus the benefit and win over the room.

1. Pitch deck clinic
2. Five principles
3. How to build it
4. Fix this slide
5. Stagecraft
6. Backstop templates
7. Pitch the room

All the modules are interactive, including two substantial hands-on sessions. There’s also plenty of original content.

  • Controlling the through-line

  • One idea per slide – uninterrupted clarity of thought

  • Write like a storyboard – just a few words per frame

  • Why each slide is an image, as stepping stone to a new thought

  • How to get commitment from your audience

  • The pitcher is on trial, not the pitch

  • How to anticipate the next question

  • Do your research – key insight – National Lottery Camelot example

  • How to write – team you need, time to do it

  • One strong but simple idea at the heart of everything

  • Think playwright not actor – theatre not information

  • A story from problem-to-solution

  • Make the problem sound REALLY bad

  • The bigger the problem, the more valuable the solution

After the course, attendees can join our unique, invite-only, mentoring LinkedIn Group. Members can ask trainers any question about pitching and pitch presentations in the weeks’ after the course.

No other training company offers this unique service.